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Exotic Locations for Your Big Day

With affordable travel packages to exotic locations, more and more couples are now planning for destination weddings. Not only are these exotic locations beautiful backdrops for your wedding but you can also provide your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy mini-vacations. Plus, you can jump right into your honeymoon after the reception sans the travel time in between.

Germany’s Castles
Modern Germany may not have a constitutional monarch but it certainly has beautiful castles dotting the countryside. Keep in mind, however, that most of these castles are private property and, thus, cannot be rented to groups. The good news is that you can ask permission from the castle’s owner to use it as a backdrop for your outdoor wedding. We suggest the majestic Heidelberg Castle, the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle and the enchanting Wernigerode Castle.

French Riviera’s Chateaus
The French Riviera, which comprises the Mediterranean coastline in southeastern France, provides for plenty of sunny places with a decidedly European vibe. You have so many choices including Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice as well as the less well-known yet equally excellent venues like Porquerolles, Belvédère and Antibes. You may also request for special local ceremonies to be performed during your wedding such as the mehendi-haldi, sangeet and pheras while your reception can be done in a chateau.

Switzerland’s Mountains
Winter or summer, the majestic mountains of Switzerland will take your breath away with their grand beauty. You can choose to have your wedding indoors in winter and outdoors in summer while still getting a good view of the Swiss Alps from your location. After the wedding ceremony and reception, you can go directly to your honeymoon suite and enjoy various activities like skiing in winter or hiking in summer afterwards..

Fiji’s Beaches
Or any tropical island of your choice, for that matter. It can be as close as Hawaii or as far as Fiji for as long as you are comfortable with your choice. We recommend Fiji because of its pristine beaches, its friendly people and its unique ceremonies, all of which makes for a truly memorable wedding. Plus, you cannot go wrong with a sunny, tropical and paradise-like locale complete with spa services..

Tuscany’s Romantic Landscapes
Italy is arguably the most romantic places on Earth and one of its most romance-filled regions is Tuscany. Your choices include Verona – yes, of Romeo and Juliet fame – as well as Ravenna, Tivoli and Farrera. Your choices in locales include centuries-old churches, vineyards in bloom, and even the countryside in their full spring glory. Add in the touches of a traditional Italian wedding like fireworks and you are set.

Udaipur’s Palaces
India remains one of the most exotic locations for weddings and for good reasons, too. You can dress in a sexy wedding sari, eat delicious Indian cuisine, and be in the land where the Taj Mahal is located and where kama sutra originated. We suggest Udaipur because of its wide variety of wedding locations like the Chunda Palace, the Fatergarh Fort, and the City Palace Complex. Your wedding will be one-of-a-kind with folk dancing, fireworks and traditional rites in place.

Well, of course, you need not go far away from home for your destination wedding. Take a look around the United States and you are sure to find the perfect locations away from your local civil registry or local church. Think of national parks like Yellowstone, of secluded beaches in Miami, and of unique venues in New York City – let your imagination run wild, indeed.