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The General Cost of Having a Wedding

The global recession continues to affect millions of lives especially in terms of finances. No matter these financial difficulties, however, couples continue to plan wedding ceremonies and receptions albeit on a lower budget for obvious reasons. The rationale is that it is best to start married life with lesser amount of debt from the wedding day while still enjoying the big day itself.
A Third Slashed in Costs
saving money on wedding costs

Just how lower is the average cost for weddings in theAustralia? In 2007, couples spent an average of $30,000 for their big day, said amount of which is applicable to middle-income couples who invited 100 guests.

In 2008, wedded couples slashed their average costs to $21,814 before plunging to $19,219 for 2009’s first quarter. Thus, average wedding costs dropped by more than 30 percent in 2 years since the recession began.

Keep in mind that the above mentioned figures are national averages. Important factors like geography, social ranking, and economic status will affect the exact amount spent for a particular wedding.
A List of Possible Costs

You will ask why the average costs for weddings amount to more or less $20,000 even for couples with middle-income means. Let’s take a look at the possible costs of weddings in listed form from largest to smallest expenditure:

• Wedding and engagement rings: $5,000

• Food at $40 per plate for 100 guests equals $4,000

• Open bar: $3,500

• Reception site rental: $2,500

• Photographer: $2,000

• DJ or Band: $1,500

• Flowers: $750

• Wedding Dress and Tuxedo: $500

• Church fee: $500

• Cake: $500

Total amount: $20,750 for a relatively simple wedding. You can spend more or less amount of dollars on certain items depending on your preferences although $20,000 is a reasonable amount to set aside for your big day. For example, you can spend just $3,000 on the rings but splurge on the dress, food and open bar as well as on the honeymoon.
Plenty of Saving Tips

Well, of course, you can save plenty of money on your wedding while still enjoying your big day. The best way to do so is to set a budget and abide by it. Even when your parents as well as relatives and friends contribute their time, effort and money to make your wedding a success, setting and following a budget is still the best way to start your married life.

Think of this: Without a budget for each item, you can easily overextend your finances, abuse your sponsors’ generosity, and get into unplanned debt early in your marriage. Your marriage can suffer from financial and emotional strains early on, which couple on their honeymoon stage wants to deal with.
We then suggest the following money-saving tips:

• Trim your guest list to the most important individuals in your life. Take note that one the biggest wedding expenses is for the food, not to mention that with each additional guest, you must also spend extra for the favor, invitation and rental.

• Trim your wedding invitations to save on the postage.

• Shop for sample sales for your wedding dress and tuxedos. Even better, wear your mother’s classic wedding dress.

• Book your wedding during the slow season when service providers offer substantial discounts.

Just try to trim your costs here and there so that you can stay within your budget. Haggle, if you have to, just so you can get the best value for your money while still making your wedding day a memorable one.

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