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What It Takes To Make a Good Wedding

Weddings are special traditions in both Western and Eastern cultures. Each society has certain expectations of what makes for a good wedding for the couple involved in it, said expectations of which may or may not vary between societies. In virtually all modern societies, nonetheless, the most common expectations for a good wedding are good food, good music and good company.

This is where differences come in. What exactly makes for good food, good music and good company? What can the couple do to ensure that, indeed, their wedding has all of these good elements?
Declaration of Individuality
bride looking in the mirror

First and foremost, your wedding should be a declaration of who you are as individuals and as a couple. Traditions may be followed, of course, but you must inject your own personalities, preferences and passions into your wedding simply because it is yours and yours alone. This piece of advice applies to both small, intimate weddings and large, extravagant affairs.

For example, if you and your partner are passionate about charity work, then you can request for donations to your favorite charities instead of expensive gifts from your guests. Or if you both want to start your marriage on the right foot by keeping your wedding costs as low as possible, you can always elope with just a few family and friends in attendance.

The most important thing is that your wedding day is actually your day and we are not talking about it being just the bride’s day either. Your groom must also have an active role in the wedding preparations just as he will have an active role in your marriage on a daily basis.
Family and Friends to Enjoy the Day With

Of course, the presence of your family and friends also adds to the celebratory nature of your wedding. Even when you decide to elope, you will have to include your family and friends in the future since your wedding represents a blending of two worlds into one – his and hers. So, invite your family and friends to your wedding, let them bask in your mutual love, and let them enjoy your day, too.

We suggest, however, going easy about inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry to your wedding for several reasons. You want to stick to your budget, which inviting the entire clan, office and alumni organization will be counterproductive. You also want to enjoy their company instead of asking yourselves, “Who was that and why did we invite him anyway?”

You should make a list of your closes family and friends whom you want to become witnesses to your love. You can announce your wedding to others as a sign of good manners.
Delicious Food for All the Guests
wedding cake

No wedding will be complete without delicious food and drinks. Besides, the most common question among guests after the wedding reception is, “How was the food?”

You should then carefully choose the kinds of dishes, desserts and drinks that you and your guests will love to eat. Keep in mind that even simple dishes and desserts will be memorable when these are actually edible, not to mention delicious.

Delicious wedding food plays a major role in determining whether your wedding is going to be remembered as being successful or not.
Music to Listen and Dance To

And then there’s the music, which can either be provided by a live band or a DJ. We suggest auditioning the musicians before hiring their services just so you can determine their suitability for your wedding day.

Last but not least, the most important aspect of a good wedding is that you both enjoy the day! All others are secondary in significance.